Effective and sustainable solutions to your company's management process problems


We are proud of providing perfect services based on our experience and sectoral accumulation according to the needs of every person and business that we have provided professional and effective options to.

Energy, Utilities and Resources

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About Us

In an increasingly complex world, we offer our customers the support they need to make informed and correct decisions and to operate in line with these decisions. Our goal is to build trust in society by creating solutions to our customers’ important problems.

With our innovative and solution-based approach we do not limit your choices with only specific products; we always offer the most flexible solutions in the fastest way that no one else can do.



Mergers and Acquisitions Consultancy • Financial Services Consultancy • Management Consultancy • Law • Energy Consultancy • Process and institutionalization • Infrastructure Investment Projects Consultancy


Research-Development Services • Accounting and Financial Consultancy Services • Merger and Acquisition Tax Services • International Tax Services


The Lendo Audit • Accessing capital markets • Financial Reporting and Accounting Advisory Services • Internal audit and control services


Energy Consultancy • Trade Consultancy • . Tax Consultancy • Process and institutionalization • Infrastructure Investment Projects Consultancy

Information Systems Independent Audit

The Lendo Audit

Macro Economy and Global Markets

Carbon Footprint


Take a step forward for your company by providing energy and financial advice.

Financial Services

We are ready to serve you in financial consulting by identifying your financial needs with our experienced and professional staff.

Energy, Utilities and Resources

Lendo Turkey, bringing together national and international experience in the energy sector, providing services to customers by producing the most appropriate answers in line with the needs of the industry.

Why work for us?

Come by, bring your ideas to life.


With our experience in different sectors aims to be your competent partner, we contribute to your competitiveness.


All security when adding to your company we follow the procedures completely.

Expert Staff

Specialize your company's future goals valuing with our consultants and we determine the strategy that suits you best.

How can we help?
Contact us for solution-oriented and innovative consulting services.

Effective and sustainable solutions to your company’s management process problems.

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