Energy, Utilities and Resources

In line with the recent economic and social developments, increasing energy demand, new digital technologies and changing consumer expectations have led to the emergence of a competitive and challenging new energy world. In this context, Turkey’s location on one of the most important energy corridors in the world and the initiatives taken to liberalize and restructure the energy market have led to an increase and diversification of domestic and foreign energy investments.

Lendo Turkey provides support in the fields of independent audit, tax and consultancy to many domestic and foreign capital companies operating in the oil, electricity, refinery and fuel distribution sectors, especially in natural gas, and serves its energy sector customers with its global experience and knowledge.

Lendo Turkey, which has strong references in many of the increasing and diversified energy investments in recent years, closely follows the development and changes in the energy sector with its ongoing studies in the sector.


Financial Services

As Lendo Turkey, we provide support to our customers with our expert team and unbiased suggestions and practices in order to help protect and develop our customers’ capital investments and company values with our Corporate Finance services.

Banking And Capital Markets

Some of the challenges of growth in banking and capital markets are risk management factors, capital requirements, emerging technologies and increasing reporting needs. With our team of experts, we support you to turn challenges that may arise in critical areas such as governance, risk and compliance, financial reporting and business development strategies, etc. into opportunities.

Asset Management

In the rapidly growing asset and capital management industry worldwide, regulation, compliance, risk management, reporting and taxation are becoming increasingly important in Turkey, subject to stricter audit rules. As Lendo, we support our customers in tax planning, establishment of funds, creation of processes and reporting infrastructure, selection and development of governance infrastructure with our expert team and global expertise network.

Private Equity

Nowadays, private equity funds face an increasingly challenging competitive environment due to changing legislation and tax conditions. In this case, it is imperative that companies create new funds, have stable and sustainable performance and offer high returns to their investors. Our team of experts identifies the specific needs of private equity funds, provides services and support for the needs of each company.

Government Industry

Government industry are of paramount importance to everyone. That’s why we support utilities that are easy to access, simple to use, and that everyone gets what they need. This is where we work in partnership with the public sectors to deliver value to broad segments of society by providing pioneering solutions to the most complex and important issues facing the public.


Although the demand for the tourism sector, which has an important place in the growth of the Turkish economy, is intense, the sector is affected by economic fluctuations, and many companies are looking for innovation to increase their profit margins and create new customer bases. In order for companies to increase their profit margins without compromising their customer profile and experience and to meet the demands of shareholders, we provide support to our customers operating in the food-beverage, accommodation or travel sector in many areas with our expert team in the field of tourism.


Effective and sustainable solutions to your company’s management process problems.

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