Mergers and Acquisitions Consultancy

Mergers, acquisitions, sales or IPOs have inherent risks and opportunities. During these processes, technical knowledge and experience are needed to find appropriate solutions to the challenges to be encountered at each step. As Lendo Turkey, we are ready to provide you with support at every stage and help you get successful results thanks to our technical knowledge and experience.

The support to be provided by our expert team in mergers and acquisitions transactions is not only limited to the preparation and execution of the transaction, but we also continue to provide support to your company with our consultancy services in the post-transaction compliance stages.


Financial Services Consultancy

Global concerns about financial risk are increasing day by day in Turkey as well as in the world. Significant commercial and regulatory developments in the financial sector are forcing companies to improve their finance, actuarial, risk and capital management practices, forcing companies to meet the growing demands of local regulators and, in some cases, prepare for global capital standards. In this context, as Lendo Turkey, we offer a wide range of financial consultancy services, especially in mergers and acquisitions, financing creation and valuation.

Management Consultancy

With our experienced consulting team, we are ready to serve you in determining your strategy, making the right decisions and making them applicable in order to grow, develop or make your company more competitive.


Energy Consultancy

The changes in the energy markets around the world have caused the Energy Law and related legislations to gain great importance for today’s Turkey. It is indisputable that the Turkish energy market, which is becoming increasingly attractive for domestic and foreign investors, is open to growth.

Entrepreneurs who want to operate in the energy market should be aware of the relevant legislation, regulations and decisions of the relevant institutions, especially EMRA, and should shape their commercial enterprises accordingly. As Lendo Turkey, with our team of experienced and expert professionals in the energy market, we help our customers not only on the theoretical plane, but also on the practical plane. In this context, we provide support to our customers in the analysis of EMRA and regulatory regulations, project development and financing, preparation of energy projects and preparation of legal due diligence reports, preparation of permit and license applications, preparation of agreements with private and public institutions, acquisition of energy projects and companies.

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Trade Consultancy

Since 2001, the regulation of economic and commercial life with increasingly detailed and complex provisions has been rapidly changing the Commercial Law. In this current rapid change, the needs of companies and businesses for legal services while continuing their activities have become important. In this context, with our expert team, we provide support on the compliance of company organizations with national and international trade law, the formation of general assemblies and boards of directors, the protection and supervision of stakeholders and company interests, etc.

Tax Consultancy

Although tax legislation is critical for many firms, complexities in legislation and implementation pose a problem. The fact that our experts, who are senior managers in the public and private sectors with their backgrounds of expertise, have mastered the tax legislation at a theoretical and practical level enables us to support our customers with our competence in this field. In this context, we provide support to our clients in conformity assessment of Turkish tax laws, national and international tax planning, taxation in company merger/division/acquisition processes, etc.

Process and institutionalization

With the rapid change of developing technology and related needs in recent years, companies have had to keep up with change and development. In this context, the regular development and improvement of the business process has become one of the most important tools that companies should have on the way to success. With our expert team, we support companies to achieve their strategic and performance goals in their success-oriented processes.

Infrastructure Investment Projects Consultancy

We support our clients operating in both the public and private sectors from the initial planning stage to the delivery phase of large-scale infrastructure investment projects and programs. Our expert team ensures that you receive all the services that may be needed in infrastructure investment projects in the best way in the light of their technical and financial knowledge.


The Lendo Audit

Our team of experienced and expert professionals, created with strong sector knowledge and experience, provides services that make a difference to their customers. In this context, as Lendo Turkey, thanks to our strong team, we provide comprehensive services to our customers in determining the compliance and accuracy of the financial information of the companies with the legal standards determined by the regulatory institutions and boards, examining and auditing the accounting policies used by the companies, preparing the financial statements, and determining the compliance of the activities or transactions of the enterprises within the framework of the relevant legislation.

Accessing Capital Markets

In order to carry out the transactions of the public offering of non-public partnership shares in the Turkish Capital Markets for the first time in the national market, we provide services for the audit of the financial statements to be included in the prospectus and the scope and period of which will be determined according to the period of public offering.

Financial Reporting and Accounting Advisory Services

Today’s economic uncertainties bring with them difficulties in the search for growth in developed and fast-growing countries. Our team of accounting and tax experts have extensive industry-wide experience in implementing all accounting changes that occur. Our team provides support on critical issues that may arise with changes to accounting standards.

Internal Audit And Control Services

Internal audit activities have started to be of great importance in the world and in our country with the effect of the developments in the field of corporate governance. In this context, we provide support to our customers in the evaluation and development of their existing structures, enterprise risk management and compliance management, especially in the establishment of internal control mechanisms and internal audit unit.


Research-Development Services

With the increasing competition, it is accepted that the investments made under R&D and innovation are directly effective in the growth of the economies of the countries. In this context, private sector organizations are supported with tax incentive and support mechanisms with the aim of increasing R&D and innovation expenditures in Turkey. Our team provides support to its customers at all stages of the relevant processes for the most effective management of these processes.

Accounting and Financial Consultancy Services

Increasing competition in business life and constant change in relevant legislation have made it obligatory for companies to manage financial affairs processes such as accounting, tax, financial reporting in accordance with legal regulations. By handing over their critical financial processes to specialized firms providing Accounting and Financial Consultancy Services, companies can easily achieve their goals of growth, profitability and opening up to international markets. In this context, we support our customers to achieve their financial goals in the fields of accounting and financial consultancy with our expert staff.

Merger and Acquisition Tax Services

In cases where there is a need for company acquisition, merger, division and restructuring of the company, we provide support in the tax situation assessment in the acquisition or disposal transactions, the tax structuring transactions before and after the acquisition / disposal of the company, the tax evaluation and auditing of the share purchase and sale agreement and its annexes in accordance with the needs of real persons or institutions.

International Tax Services

Our experienced team provides support for the fastest progress and conclusion of business processes in cooperation with international tax experts in the relevant countries in all kinds of investment transactions made or to be made by foreign investors to Turkey and Turkish investors abroad.



Information Technology Risk and Management Services

The change in business conditions and business models makes the use of information technologies increasingly important. Especially in the complex business world, the effective and efficient use of information technologies has become mandatory.

With our comprehensive service content, we provide support for understanding and managing all business, technology, security, change management, compliance and governance requirements, from strategy formulation to realization.

Technology Consultancy

In today’s business life connected to the technology world, benefiting from information technologies in every field and being equipped provides companies and institutions with great profit. The effective use of information technologies increases quality and productivity. Within the scope of technology consultancy with our expert team, we provide support to our customers in terms of examining the existing infrastructure, reporting the availability status of the systems, configuring and implementing the technologies to meet the needs, etc.

Tax Technology

As Lendo Turkey, we provide support to companies that want to switch to e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive, e-Record Retention, etc. applications or who want to optimize their existing processes in a way to meet the regulatory requirements in line with the current business and system.

Information Systems Independent Audit

The procedures and principles regarding the management and independent audit of information systems are regulated by the Communiqué on Independent Audit of Information Systems published in the Official Gazette on 05.01.2018. In this context, the purpose of the independent audit of information systems is to evaluate and audit the activities within the information systems in accordance with the principles set out in the relevant Communiqué.

With our expert team, we provide support to our customers in the examination of the current status of the Institutions, Organizations and Partnerships that have become obligated in the principles of information systems management and audit, making improvements in the deficiencies to be determined as a result of the examination, preparing the audit report, etc.

With our comprehensive service content, we provide support for understanding and managing all business, technology, security, change management, compliance and governance requirements, from strategy formulation to realization.


Lendo Turkey provides information to businesses and business managers about economic policies, macroeconomic data and trends in the global economy and the Turkish economy with its macroeconomic consultancy service. Since it is difficult to make predictions in a period where uncertainty is increasing day by day, more effective information is provided in decision-making processes with “angörü” reports.
It is known that predictions regarding monetary and fiscal policies will strengthen the decisions taken. In this respect, Lendo Turkey; It keeps the information pool of senior managers constantly updated with reports that support the decision-making process in areas such as national income, inflation, employment market, interest rates and tax.



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